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Since our inception, Leaders Advice has been focused on two things: Leadership & Humanity.

In the last decade, we have worked on solving People Strategy challenges with the biggest and best companies in the world. In addition, we have donated our services in leadership to 345 non-profits on behalf of our clients. 

We will help you change, improve or create in your world, while we work to also change the world through service. 

Working with us is really simple - we remove a lot of the common roadblocks when working with consultants and make our partnership easy and cost-effective, because we know your world changes fast and you need a consultant that can keep up. 


Kristin Cattafesta 
Chief People Strategist

    After 14 years in Corporate America, I decided my passion is to solve big problems in the people business. I also wanted to see how I could have a greater impact on the world. LeadersAdvice has allowed me to do both. Can't wait to meet you!

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